Old fire

Close your eyes.then only you can find it

The fire is old but the woods who are burning themselves are young, fresh.basically you can say woods are practicing suicide.pain is playing guitar inside those woods.the heart of these woods are showing their swimming skills even though they are aware about the fact that with time no one can save them from drowning inside these deep fires.the waves of these fires will drink the blood ,eat the flesh of the heart.only memory, woods still hold in their heart is how they had forgotten everything.

Never trust your breath

Don't trust your breath
One day they will behave like stranger.
You lungs will scream and beg for them
But they will behave like deaf forever

Don't trust your heartbeat
One day they will deny to beat
You will request them
But they will ignore.

Don't trust you mind
One day it will forget to remember
You will try to help them out
But they will stop you there

Don't trust your tiny cells
One day they will forget to wake up
You will bring thousands of alarm clock
But they won't react for sure


Our love
Won't fly away from us
We both are it's wings
How a bird a cant fly away from it's wing

Our love
Won't withered ever
We both are rains which will wet the soul of the flower

Our love
Won't Dry ever
We both are it's water
A river can't be dry as long as there is water

Tell the sky
To make a palace for us
Deep inside the heart of those clouds
the moment we die
We will shift there
Our souls will meet there
Holding our heart in our hand
We will let our soul
Talk about love of ours
Everything vanishes with time
Only temporary is permanent in nature.

Innocent rain drops

His eyes suddenly dived into a war without even thinking for a moment.first time probably he witnessed how badly those rain drops are fighting with each other that even their bloods have forgotten that they have to come with their typical red dress .. otherwise no one will even consider them as blood.blood’s identity will be crushed under the foot of it’s mistake.

His eyes were busy in choosing between “clouds” or “her eyes” gazing at those clouds.He discussed vividly with his eyes and then they finally we decided to prefer her eyes rather than those clouds.

If beauty is a stone..then thousand of mountains are staying within her. If beauty is star…then she is the only home for those orphan galaxies.if beauty is a drop of water …then oceans are living within her.if beauty is a word…then she is the library where all great poets have left their heart enclosed in their poetries.Thats how she was looking that day.It was so hard for him to take his eyes off

He was so busy in looking at her eyes that he was unaware of the fact that raindrops have started kissing her hairs.suddenly within a moment millions of raindrops have already landed in her hairs and in her skins to kiss her as if this is the only purpose for which they have travelled miles .this is the only way to their their salvation.

A war has started between those raindrops to land on her .All raindrops are not lucky enough to get a chance to liberate themselves by touching her.she seemed to stand there as that one life boat in which all raindrops want to come after their ship has crashed in a way to salvation.All raindrops fought till their last breath.

Nominated for Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award

Iqra,thanks for nominating me.one strange thing about her is that she is even beautiful than her.anyone of you who gonna read this must go through her posts to realize this.she is I think the best one happened to me here in this world of blogging.she never gonna behave like a star even if she is..she simply twinkles and will sprinkle those lights on you to make sure that darkness is no longer alive.She is so good in life advices.espescially go through her conclusion parts.Thank you so much for being in this world. Do follow her here- https://lifeadvicewithme.wordpress.com

The Rules for this award are:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you with a link to their blog.
  2. Make a post of the award (with a Photo of the Logo).
  3. Post the Rules.
  4. Ask 5 – 10 questions of your choice.
  5. Nominate 10 – 30 other bloggers (or more) and notify them.
  6. Thank the originator of the award who has given us a platform whereby bloggers can be discovered and recognized for the work that they do. Please follow Vincent’s blog here.

Answers to the questions:

  1. Who inspired you to start your blog? Those rotted emotions inside me who were constantly craving for attention actually inspired me.I find this world is quite safe for those emotions.
  2. What’s the kindest comment you have received on any of your posts? “You have such a beautiful way of writing, truly amazing!”
  3. Have you ever experienced any supernatural phenomenon? Do you believe in such things? May be ..I am not sure if it can be called as supernatural phenomenon or not.Defintely I believe in magics.without those magics, life is as dry as any desert.those coincidences, unexpected turns makes our life adventurous and force us to thank someone above
  4. Do you blog full time or this a hobby for you? even though it is not my hobby, sometimes I do it.
  5. Do you ever regret any of your posts? Never ever.

My Nominations:

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  2. https://adivir.wordpress.com
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  8. http://1wwwsubratagolapi.com
  9. https://kathrinesantos.wordpress.com
  10. https://thesunshineiwillspeakof.wordpress.com

My questions:

  • If you would have to publish your last post ,what it would be about?
  • Express your life in a single sentence
  • As according to your perspective world is big or small!
  • Express one of the best moment in this blogging site.
  • What blogging can give you that other things can’t!

Thank you Vincent Ehindero for creating this award ,thereby bringing people closer .

Remember to forget

Frozen night seems darker than their skin color.The love in the palm of these frozen night seems brighter than they are…

without her own permission she has left her sleep and her body probably and has came to me to argue with me that “she is not a dream but a reality dressed as a dream only”.
She told me to trust her that she is lying.
I said her “I am trusting you that you are lying“.

she said don’t look at it like this..“its my eye”.
I argued her that “she can’t fool me .those are stars” .
she said these are my eyes.I said these are stars.
We fought

She pointed towards skies and told me see these are stars
I pointed towards sky and told her that “see your face there and see how your eyes are glittering“.
she said you are mad.
I said her that she is mad.again we fought.

She threatened me that she will go away.I suddenly buttoned up my shirt
She asked what are you doing.
I said I am locking you.
She said I am not there .
I said you are nowhere else.
She said see I am  here.
I said see you are here pointing towards my heart.
Again we fought.

I never forget to forget anything…but always remember to button up my shirt.my heart beats are busy in writing thank you notes to me these days.

assassination of separation

The interesting thing about stars is that even if they are millions miles away from you,still you can see them claiming that “distance is a pre-planned illusion dropped in your heart as a bomb which is capable enough to destruct every inch of unquenchable wish to see her but not brave enough to defeat the omnipotent love who has ruled this heartland since from the day this heart has been discovered“.

have you ever immersed in that tonic of love and let your eyes get a chance to see her and to grab that moment along with her in a way to make sure that “if in next moment your eyelashes are heavy enough to lift up,your breaths are tired enough to travel within,your cells are weak enough to stand any more and if your heartbeats are busy enough in endless dreams to even think about waking up…. still you will have no regrets left to slap you.Before you sleep forever wake up once and see her as much as you can,let you heartbeats go mad and finally stop.sleep.

Eye’s dyspnoea

She knows my eyes can’t breathe without her for a moment.she knows how that evening my eyes confessed that they have kept her secret name “oxygen”.she knows how my eyes successfully acquired breathing problem whenever she left for something.she knows how tears assembled Everytime she tried to convince me that she will return within 2 days.she knows

Those Homeless Storms

He doesn’t know why but he is so sympathetic to storms.usually lots of storm used to visit him just to ask him if there is enough pain in his heart or does he need more!Those storms really cared for him a lot.They never compromised in giving pain to him.whenever he urged ,they gave him enormous amount of pain without any expectation of getting anything in return.probably only storms understand him .One strange thing about storm that he wants you to know is that storm never troubled and asked anyone to open the door..they simply used to break every Windows ,doors into pieces very honestly and enter directly without even buzzing the door bell . storms are most favourite characters to his tears.His tears are usually shy and never usually come out if his eyes but he has observed a lot of times how those tears used to be desperate to come out of his eyes quietly and then gradually with as much pace as they can just to meet that storm as If some concert is going on deep inside the face of that storm.Storms are the best thing ever happened to his tears.He Sometime tried to request those storms to stay with him forever as he is fed up of waiting every single moment.but storm denied.”Storm wants to remain homeless probably”…He thought.

Kidnapped truth

Hey remember,I am not the kind of guy who will say you that you are looking like an angel…never…never ever.I have never met an angel,so it’s obivious that I don’t know how angel looks.It doesn’t matter how beautiful may be angels are but I am damn sure that If any angel will ever meet you,that angel will definitely wish to be a human.how can I say that you are looking like an angel .sorry.

The ashes of Rain

Everything I am gonna write now will turn into past within a second.”present” never waits,not even for a second,even if you pray,even if you request it to stop for a moment,it will not , actually it can’t.Usain Bolt(fastest man),even the speed of light can’t also challenge this speed of this “present”.It is the fastest thing ever known.I don’t know whether it walks,runs,flies,swims or use fastest vehicles of this universe but it just passes away as if it is the sole aim of this “present”.you can’t keep it in a wooden box nor in a silver box.you can’t enclose it in your fist.you can’t secretly store it in your store room.it will go away.it doesn’t matter if you break it’s leg,if you cut it’s wing,if you slash it’s fins still it will go away like those tireless tides.it never disclosed where it wants to go,why it wants to go.probably “present” is not yet successful to find someone to whom it can trust and share those secrets destination or may be “present” itself is not aware about where it is going why it is going like those clouds roaming here and there in sky without having any goal or who knows sometime journey itself can be someone’s goal.when it rains is it justify to say that clouds have died or it is to right say that clouds have just changed it’s form.same goes for when present turns into past ,can we say that present has died or it is better to say that present has just change it’s form to past.same goes for human.is it death or change of it’s form!weather your body turns into soil after burying or ASHES after incarnating..it is up to us that whether we can declare it as death or not!if it is not death then death doesn’t exist.death can’t happen to anybody.probably we are not our body, someone who is there within me screamed.I woke up but landed in a another dream.

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