assassination of separation

The interesting thing about stars is that even if they are millions miles away from you,still you can see them claiming that “distance is a pre-planned illusion dropped in your heart as a bomb which is capable enough to destruct every inch of unquenchable wish to see her but not brave enough to defeat the omnipotent love who has ruled this heartland since from the day this heart has been discovered“.

have you ever immersed in that tonic of love and let your eyes get a chance to see her and to grab that moment along with her in a way to make sure that “if in next moment your eyelashes are heavy enough to lift up,your breaths are tired enough to travel within,your cells are weak enough to stand any more and if your heartbeats are busy enough in endless dreams to even think about waking up…. still you will have no regrets left to slap you.Before you sleep forever wake up once and see her as much as you can,let you heartbeats go mad and finally stop.sleep.

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always busy in losing mysellf

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