Remember to forget

Frozen night seems darker than their skin color.The love in the palm of these frozen night seems brighter than they are…

without her own permission she has left her sleep and her body probably and has came to me to argue with me that “she is not a dream but a reality dressed as a dream only”.
She told me to trust her that she is lying.
I said her “I am trusting you that you are lying“.

she said don’t look at it like this..“its my eye”.
I argued her that “she can’t fool me .those are stars” .
she said these are my eyes.I said these are stars.
We fought

She pointed towards skies and told me see these are stars
I pointed towards sky and told her that “see your face there and see how your eyes are glittering“.
she said you are mad.
I said her that she is mad.again we fought.

She threatened me that she will go away.I suddenly buttoned up my shirt
She asked what are you doing.
I said I am locking you.
She said I am not there .
I said you are nowhere else.
She said see I am  here.
I said see you are here pointing towards my heart.
Again we fought.

I never forget to forget anything…but always remember to button up my heart beats are busy in writing thank you notes to me these days.

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always busy in losing mysellf

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