Innocent rain drops

His eyes suddenly dived into a war without even thinking for a moment.first time probably he witnessed how badly those rain drops are fighting with each other that even their bloods have forgotten that they have to come with their typical red dress .. otherwise no one will even consider them as blood.blood’s identity will be crushed under the foot of it’s mistake.

His eyes were busy in choosing between “clouds” or “her eyes” gazing at those clouds.He discussed vividly with his eyes and then they finally we decided to prefer her eyes rather than those clouds.

If beauty is a stone..then thousand of mountains are staying within her. If beauty is star…then she is the only home for those orphan galaxies.if beauty is a drop of water …then oceans are living within her.if beauty is a word…then she is the library where all great poets have left their heart enclosed in their poetries.Thats how she was looking that day.It was so hard for him to take his eyes off

He was so busy in looking at her eyes that he was unaware of the fact that raindrops have started kissing her hairs.suddenly within a moment millions of raindrops have already landed in her hairs and in her skins to kiss her as if this is the only purpose for which they have travelled miles .this is the only way to their their salvation.

A war has started between those raindrops to land on her .All raindrops are not lucky enough to get a chance to liberate themselves by touching her.she seemed to stand there as that one life boat in which all raindrops want to come after their ship has crashed in a way to salvation.All raindrops fought till their last breath.

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