Never trust your breath

Don't trust your breath
One day they will behave like stranger.
You lungs will scream and beg for them
But they will behave like deaf forever

Don't trust your heartbeat
One day they will deny to beat
You will request them
But they will ignore.

Don't trust you mind
One day it will forget to remember
You will try to help them out
But they will stop you there

Don't trust your tiny cells
One day they will forget to wake up
You will bring thousands of alarm clock
But they won't react for sure


Our love
Won't fly away from us
We both are it's wings
How a bird a cant fly away from it's wing

Our love
Won't withered ever
We both are rains which will wet the soul of the flower

Our love
Won't Dry ever
We both are it's water
A river can't be dry as long as there is water

Tell the sky
To make a palace for us
Deep inside the heart of those clouds
the moment we die
We will shift there
Our souls will meet there
Holding our heart in our hand
We will let our soul
Talk about love of ours
Everything vanishes with time
Only temporary is permanent in nature.

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always busy in losing mysellf

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