Never trust your breath

Don’t trust your breathOne day they will behave like stranger.You lungs will scream and beg for them But they will behave like deaf foreverDon’t trust your heartbeatOne day they will deny to beatYou will request themBut they will ignore.Don’t trust you mindOne day it will forget to rememberYou will try to help them outBut theyContinue reading “Never trust your breath”

Nominated for Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award

Iqra,thanks for nominating strange thing about her is that she is even beautiful than her.anyone of you who gonna read this must go through her posts to realize this.she is I think the best one happened to me here in this world of blogging.she never gonna behave like a star even if she is..sheContinue reading “Nominated for Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award”

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