Those Homeless Storms

He doesn’t know why but he is so sympathetic to storms.usually lots of storm used to visit him just to ask him if there is enough pain in his heart or does he need more!Those storms really cared for him a lot.They never compromised in giving pain to him.whenever he urged ,they gave him enormous amount of pain without any expectation of getting anything in return.probably only storms understand him .One strange thing about storm that he wants you to know is that storm never troubled and asked anyone to open the door..they simply used to break every Windows ,doors into pieces very honestly and enter directly without even buzzing the door bell . storms are most favourite characters to his tears.His tears are usually shy and never usually come out if his eyes but he has observed a lot of times how those tears used to be desperate to come out of his eyes quietly and then gradually with as much pace as they can just to meet that storm as If some concert is going on deep inside the face of that storm.Storms are the best thing ever happened to his tears.He Sometime tried to request those storms to stay with him forever as he is fed up of waiting every single moment.but storm denied.”Storm wants to remain homeless probably”…He thought.

Kidnapped truth

Hey remember,I am not the kind of guy who will say you that you are looking like an angel…never…never ever.I have never met an angel,so it’s obivious that I don’t know how angel looks.It doesn’t matter how beautiful may be angels are but I am damn sure that If any angel will ever meet you,that angel will definitely wish to be a can I say that you are looking like an angel .sorry.

The ashes of Rain

Everything I am gonna write now will turn into past within a second.”present” never waits,not even for a second,even if you pray,even if you request it to stop for a moment,it will not , actually it can’t.Usain Bolt(fastest man),even the speed of light can’t also challenge this speed of this “present”.It is the fastest thing ever known.I don’t know whether it walks,runs,flies,swims or use fastest vehicles of this universe but it just passes away as if it is the sole aim of this “present”.you can’t keep it in a wooden box nor in a silver can’t enclose it in your can’t secretly store it in your store will go doesn’t matter if you break it’s leg,if you cut it’s wing,if you slash it’s fins still it will go away like those tireless never disclosed where it wants to go,why it wants to go.probably “present” is not yet successful to find someone to whom it can trust and share those secrets destination or may be “present” itself is not aware about where it is going why it is going like those clouds roaming here and there in sky without having any goal or who knows sometime journey itself can be someone’s goal.when it rains is it justify to say that clouds have died or it is to right say that clouds have just changed it’s form.same goes for when present turns into past ,can we say that present has died or it is better to say that present has just change it’s form to past.same goes for it death or change of it’s form!weather your body turns into soil after burying or ASHES after is up to us that whether we can declare it as death or not!if it is not death then death doesn’t exist.death can’t happen to anybody.probably we are not our body, someone who is there within me screamed.I woke up but landed in a another dream.

Tears secret

Now see,there is not even a single drop of tear in her face.can you track the conspiracy that is being carried out there.I have a spy in her heart and let me tell you what is actually happening there!why there are no tears,where they all have gone?they all have died or they are injured enough to come out from the eyes or paralysis has brutally attacked every single of can see the way these sadness,pains are forcing those tears to come out but from where these tears have gain so much resistance that they are challenging the power of pain!you can see the face of it is turning pale and helpless,tears are suppose to defeat the truth is that you all are getting Trapped and then defeated by these type of thoughts.actually the pain can’t lose .they can’t, even if they wish.they have enough powers to defeat others but they are weak enough to defeat themselves.I got to know that this time tears are trying to be little bit smart,tears have created a subterranean passage this time.they no longer can be seen even if they are losing.the pain is going to be still there stealing every reason to be happy but this time we can’t locate pain.the pain can’t be traced through those tears anymore even if it exists as fresh as it has ever been.this time tears will flow inside through that subterranean passage leaving your cheeks dry.

Robbery of thoughts

Suddenly I felt ,I am forgetting everything without any reason,I witnessed how my thoughts were trying to steal me from myself as if my thoughts have started executing the plan they have made for an unbelievable rubbery in the world’s biggest bank.why they want to steal me!I have nothing even I don’t own myself these days.these thoughts are either dumb who think I have a lot or may be brilliant who can find something out from me.I was in confusion.. should I allow my thoughts to steal me or should I oppose or do I need to remain silent and observe, so that at the time of inquiry I can tell everything.

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